From the recording The Dragon of Judah

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“Self-expression is the highest form of emotional intelligence,” according to the dictum of the School Of Urban Philosophy’s core curriculum as written by the institution’s chancellor Professor Xavier Magneto. This gut-wrenching and heartbreaking exposé of the professor’s emotional intellect shares a unique analysis of the hearts and minds of the people who hated him the most... his friends and his family.


Inspiration or a master
The cunning linguist
Is for master nation
I don’t master taken
I’m the master taker
I wrote this in my room
I got the jam, the juice
The sauce, the soup
You may believe that
I’m takin shots
I’m probably not
My subconscious
Might’ve been
Talkin’ to you
I gotta tell you the truth
From the beginnin’
I’ve been a contender
Intendin’ to win
Like I’m racin’ a turtle
Spinnin’ my internal energy
Into infinity
Centrifugin’ in a circle
Tried to be hero
Considered a villain
Forget havin’ feelings
I had to desert ‘em
I had to stick to my stones
‘Cause people been
Breakin’ my bones
With murderous verbiage
Xavier I hate you
Magneto you’re worthless
You don’t know pain
Passion nor purpose
You’re only worth it
When I know I’m hurtin’
And don’t want to
Tell you the truth
‘Cause I’m nervous
I’d rather pick at you
Even discourage you
Because I actually think that
You’re perfect
I see your family
Livin’ a fantasy
But my subconscious
Don’t think I deserve it
I see inadequacy
When I’m watchin’ you workin’
And not one decision was certain
You manifested your destiny
Actin’, singin’, rappin’
I see how hard you be workin’
Yes you inspire me
I just get jealous
When ladies go crazy
When they see you shirtless
You loogie lightning and lava
But lyrically cold as a glacier
Up under the surface
Now that I think about it
That’s the reason I like you
The smoke and mirrors
And the curtain
I could see you were Stefan
Without the machine
But smarter than
Stewie and Urkel
You push a button
And turn into me
And whenever you like
You know how to reverse it
You’ll open everyone’s ajna
And fill us with power
To be a spectacular person
Chocolate doulas and faeries
And goddesses
Empresses, lingham masseuses
And nurses
All of ‘em drippin’ in crystals
And makin’ a wish
Manifestin’ you to come
Work ‘em
It may be hard
Spittin’ them chocolate bars
Concentratin’ on ‘em twerkin’
Skin silk
Sheets satin
They used to be lavender
They lookin’ purple
Sheets so wet
You finna submerge ‘em
She grippin’ her garter
I’m up in her girdle
My margarita
Tequila, Amrita
The Charmander
Tackle coochie ‘til it
You can tell anyone no
And go dumb when
You’re ready to go
Droppin’ pin heads and jerkin’
And teachin’ the Dougie
‘Cause you know we doin’ it
But cousin Skeeter isn’t hurtful
Assistant Principal, Roger
And Bebe were bluffin’
They eat to the beats
You be murkin’
Anyone hatin’ is really a fan
‘Cause they see the sun
Is shinin’ on earth
Tell me the truth
No matter how much
I say that I hate you
I need you to hurdle
Every obstacle
Open your chakras
Until I see that your
Magic is workin’
Build a society
There’s no denyin’
That when you sit quietly
You look eternal
That’s what I want for myself
So thanks for your help
I’m happy to have you to serve us
You are the Pharaoh
Per Aa
Per Aa
You’re Rah
You’d never hurt us
Even though you’re from
The desert
You shouldn’t desert us