1. I'm Too Sexy

From the recording The Dragon of Judah

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The trap and booty bass reimagining of the early 90s international smash hit, Professor Xavier wants to deliver to you some information about how sexy he feels when he steps up to the microphone.


I’m too sexy for my shirt
When I take off my shirt
I make all the ladies
Squirt when they twerk
I’m too sexy for my pants
So sexy that I stand
In a stance for the
I’m too sexy for my clothes
Too sexy for my clothes
Do I like to wear them
No and it shows
I’m too sexy for my body
So sexy that my body
Is gone have a sexy party
Who’s invited

Body buildin’ kung fu
Yoga runnin’
I be workin’ out
Livin’ wit’ a long lingham
Symmetrical features
Plus I got a purtty mouth
You got a problem
Go work it out
But I’m not the one
You should worry ‘bout
Watch this
Hike up yo’ skirt
Make ya booty work
Like you from
The dirty South
Who you heard about
Lil’ mama blew me a kiss
Blowin’ it slow wit’ her lips
Shawty excited
She like that I’m psychic
Professor Magneto legit
She like the way I be spazin’
All on the track
And ain’t nobody askin’
I got my lights
And my camera in action
She tryin’ get active
No we ain’t actin’
Real life and a porn scene
Blacked Ass Like That
Wit’ an Onion Booty
Trust me
It’s a porn thing
I be strokin’ pokin’
Wit’ my rude boy
Imma kill the coochie
‘Til we mourn tings
In the morning
She shake like
She from the Caribbean
We go together
Like islands and Gillian

I’m too sexy for my shirt
So sexy I don’t work
People see me and it hurts
You’re a jerk
I’m too sexy for my eyes
So sexy that I cry
So I can be in disguise
I’m too sexy for my balls
So handsome round and tall
When I skeet
I reach the windows
And the walls
I’m too sexy for a call
So sexy that I stall
Actually I’m too sexy
For you all